Preparing a House to Sell

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Successfully dressing your house to sell is not at all difficult and if you want to sell your home quickly and get top dollar for it, it’s a task that has to get done. The process of staging is a necessary function that will present your home it in the most appealing light by showcasing it to any prospective buyers that drop in to see the house with their sales agent . . . It helps create ‘WOW’ factor as they walk through the front door.

In theory, staging isn’t hard, and unless the house is in serious disrepair, should not be too costly, However, reality being what it is, many homeowners find it difficult only because it’s not easy seeing their home ‘objectively,’ when they ‘love the way it is.’

The easiest way to get an idea of what needs to get done, is to visit some effectively staged homes in new sub-division models that have been decorated. But unlike decorating a model, which is expensive for the builder, they are willing to invest the in the cost because they know and understand just how well a staged home will sell their homes. Look around and you also can profit from their knowledge, and you won’t have the expense of buying any new furniture. It’s not what you have, but how you display it! And just because a piece of furniture looks good to you in the room you bought it for, it may look better somewhere else in the house when staging your home to make it more appealing and less cluttered.

Ever walk into an open house or a model home and notice how… well, inhumanly perfect it looks? If so, it’s because the property is properly “staged” to sell.

In real estate parlance, ‘staging’ simply means the rooms in your house have been dressed up with a fresh coat of paint, properly arranged furniture, and with tasteful art and accessories throughout the house that have been carefully selected to highlight your home’s strengths, while downplaying any of its weaknesses (like small spaces), and in such a way that it appeals to the greatest number of prospective buyers.

Whether you’re designing to sell or designing to dwell, here are some tips the home-staging pros use that get that “Wow, I must have this house!” look.  

Here are 25 tips and tricks to make your own humble home look like a showcase model home without a whole lot of effort…or expense.

It’s Not About What You Have — It’s How Well You Display It!

Create a Beautiful Entrance Say Goodbye to Clutter  Less Is More Mantra
Play Musical Furniture Dare to Float Your Furniture  Mix It Up All Around 
  Create Furniture Groups    Making Small Places Larger       Discovering Lost Spaces   
  Let the Sun Shine In    Light the Way Neutral is Appealing
  A Splash of Color   Serene & Inviting Colors Paint It Black 
Make Art Sing  Wall Hangings     Vignettes & Groupings
  Accessorize with Flair   A Kitchen Face Lift   A Beautiful Floor
  Area Carpets & Rugs Prim & Polish Bathrooms  Bring the Outdoors In
  Staging Decks & Patios Removing Yourself & Family  Showing the House  
Points to Remember 
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