Utility Checklist

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Utilities Pre-Move Setup Checklist*  Contact the utility companies two weeks before your moving date to setup appointments. Many companies can start service with a few days’ notice but it is best to initiate the process earlier to make sure the details are in place.

*  If this is your first apartment, it is important to keep in mind that you may have to go through a credit check or provide a security deposit. This can cause a delay in setup which is why it is a good idea to make arrangements in advance.

Utilities you may have to setup:




____Cable or satellite television

____Trash removal

____Mobile Services

____Telephone Line

These items should be dealt with before moving day:

____Contacting your service providers and arranging for service at your old apartment to be shut off or to have it transferred to your new location.

____Find out what utilities you have to pay for – if you are unsure, talk to your landlord or property manager.

____Research utility providers in your new area to find out your options. Your new apartment may be able to give you information. If you cannot get a list, you can check out a site such as MoveUtilities.com

____Shop around to find the best rates for utilities. You may get a better deal if you bundle services such as phone, cable and Internet.

____Once you have picked a utility provider, contact the provider to setup a start date. Schedule it to start one to three days in advance of move in day.

____Schedule appointments with the companies that have to come out to your new apartment. Make sure you are available to be there.

As you get closer to your moving date, refer back to this list to make sure that your services are ready for you.

After service starts

____Once you move and start with your new utility providers, there are some things that you need to double check to get the best service. This should help you to save money and time when dealing with the utilities.

____Read the first few bills carefully. Make sure you are not being billed for something you didn’t request.

____If you are receiving electronic bills instead of paper, create online accounts to keep up with the bills. Do not forget to check them for accuracy.

____Consider setting up automatic billing with either a credit card or automatic bank account withdrawals. This prevents you paying the bills late and getting charged late fees.

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