Staging Decks & Patios

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 Whether your property boasts a deck, balcony or patio, staging it for outdoor entertaining will be a boost to your potential buyers. After all, even though many people rarely entertain, almost everyone likes the idea of entertaining and is looking for space to do so in their new home. Here are some tips to highlight these important outdoor areas.

1. Remove clutter by simply removing everything. By taking it all out to begin with a clean slate; it will make the next two steps that much easier, and you may get a better vision for using what space you have when you put it all back together; also ensuring you won’t include any unnecessary items.

2. Make repairs. Replace any broken or rotting boards. Patch holes in the concrete. Steps and railings must be appropriately placed and in excellent repair. Use fresh exterior paint to give a new feeling to the space (be sure to prime any new wood). Here are specific directions on painting a deck.

3. Clean, clean, clean! Pressure washing is best to remove all dirt & cobwebs. Jo Max outdoor house cleaner works well for removing mildew. Clean everything going back into the space as well – BBQ, furniture, flower pots, etc.

4. Create an outdoor eating area with table & chairs (whatever size will fit nicely). Bring some to the table with some a centerpiece of potted flowers or candles, place mats & dishes if you desire.

5. Enhance. Bring color around the space using cushions, dishes and flowering plants in pots (keep them watered!) If you have an outdoor grill, stage with it BBQ utensils and a bottle of A–1 sauce — anything to help the buyer imagine themselves using it surrounded by friends and family.

If your buyers are on the fence, staging the outdoor areas could very well tip the scales — in your favor. You’d be surprised how many homes are sold by beautiful decks and patios!

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