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Once you have completed the challenge of turning your home into a “model home” to sell at top dollar in record time, you’ve won half the battle, and you will be well rewarded for your efforts!However, you still have to live in your house for the most part, and there are still a few things to do must do every time you are asked to show your home to a potential buyer:Before each showing, will need to complete a few final basic preparations each time you are called to set up an appointment (not to mention it’s not a good idea to show the house unless these have been completed, it is in your best interest).

1. Clean your house. Before you do anything else, clean your house. Vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, and wash and put away dishes, or do whatever you have to do to get it sparkling clean. This will be the biggest factor in making a home look nice.

2. Remove personal clutter. People buying a house want to maximize the amount of clutter they create while living in the home before it’s sold. It won’t matter how big your home is it can get cluttered quickly and make any prospective buyer uneasy knowing someone still lives in the house. So to make it easier for potential buyers to envision the space as theirs, remove what clutter you can before the buyer’s arrive for the viewing.

•   Generally, a good rule of thumb is – if you’re still in the house, there’s clutter somewhere. The objective, is to clear it all away entirely. Have quick storage boxes you can put everything in and move it to the garage or basement to be out of sight, and easily retrieved when you and your family return. You want the buyer to see any functional space as it should be. This allows them to envision how their things would look in the space you still occupy. This includes items such as: piles of paper, newspapers, boxes and packing material, clothing you’re using, personal hygiene items, food, and garbage…all good examples of clutter.

3. Let in the sun by opening draperies or blinds. Buyers want a house that is bright, airy and open. It’s a good idea to replace curtains with sheers if at all possible. 

•   Additionally, make it point to only show the house during times of day when it is brightest in your home, if at all possible.

4.  Remove any personal items that you haven’t put away in boxes like toiletries, clothes, grocery bags, etc. that you don’t want a potential buyer to see the house as theirs, not yours. Remove personal items like family photographs, personal trophies, and other items which are specific to you and your family. 

5. Turn on all ambient lighting like table lamps and recessed overhead lights, put ceiling fans on low, and light a scented glass-jar candle on a kitchen counter before you leave the house.

6.  Be sure to leave at least 15 minutes before the appointment, and not return until 15 minutes after the buyer is scheduled to have left. IF they are still viewing the property on your return, take it as a good sign, and remain far enough away as to not be seen, before entering your home. Generally the realtor showing the property, will leave their business card on a table by the front door or in the kitchen, to let you know they had shown your property.

7. Follow-up with your sellers agent and provide them the information left by the buyers agent.

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