Removing Yourself & Family

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Remember, your house is about to become a commodity for sale (if it hasn’t already), and part of the staging process is removing what personal items makes your home “cozy,” but might either turn a prospective buyer off or make them feel like they are violating a stranger’s personal space, or so uncomfortable they can’t see past your family, friends and memorabilia that they won’t pay attention to the house itself.Therefore, it is necessary for you to remove any personal items such as paintings, bowling trophies, show ribbons (cat or dog), family photographs, nude statuary (okay it may be art, but many people still find nude statuary offensive or it makes them extremely uncomfortable), vacation photographs, pictures of friends and outings, family heirlooms and other trinkets that all reflect not only your own personal style, buy your entire life. Potential buyers are strangers, and although they may have the same taste as you, odds are they won’t.

By remove your family’s personal items the potential buyer will be able to picture your house as their new home, and part of that does not focus their attention on you, your family and your life.

Also be sure to clean up pet areas like litter boxes and bedding before a showing, as it’s much more difficult to take your cats out of the home, but dogs should be with you — besides, dogs like short trips a heck of a lot more than cats do.

You want your home to appeal to as many people as possible and the more appealing it is, the more likely it will sell quickly.

You instead, want your home to look like this:

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