Paint It Black

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Using white–painted furniture is a tried–and–true tactic for freshening a room, but don’t forget its opposite: A coat of satiny black paint can revive tired furnishings and lend a chic, dramatic flair to just about any space. “Painting an old piece black immediately updates it,” says stager Michael Friedes. “We use black in staging all the time. It’s a great punctuation. It has a graphic quality, provides contrast, and makes a real impact.”

And not only does black work with every other hue, but it also makes surrounding colors pop and melds with any decor from vintage to modern. The key, as always, is moderation: Use black as an accent in picture frames, lampshades, accessories, and small pieces of furniture. “The big black leather couch of the ’80s is black gone awry,” Friedes says.

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