Make Art Sing

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 If your home’s like most, the art is hung in a high line circling each room. That’s a big mistake. Placing pictures, paintings and prints in such stereotypical spots can make them invisible. “Art displayed creatively makes the art stand out more and shows off your space.” Friedes says.

So break up that line of art. Vary the patterning and grouping by:

•   hanging a row of art diagonally, with each piece staggered a bit higher or lower than the next. This is great for directing the eye toward an architectural feature like a window or arched doorway.
•   triangularly — with one picture above, one below, and one beside — a nice accent for a table–and–chair vignette.
•   in a vertical line (perfect for accentuating a high ceiling).

“Hang pictures on different planes so that your eye goes up and down as it travels around the room — it creates interest on your walls,” says Friedes. “by hanging things a bit lower than you’re used to, as well, so that wall art relates to furniture groupings rather than floating (and getting lost) in its own space.”

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