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 Knowing what area rug to use that fits a living space can be challenging. The goal is to use a rug that contains colors in a room you want to empasize, makes a space warm and inviting and most importantly defines a room. There are no strict rules but simple guidelines to follow.

7 Tips to Home Staging or Decorating a Room with Area Rugs

1. Measure out a living space and keep in mind that the larger an area rug, the more spacious the room will seem so we say the bigger the better! To show off more flooring then go down to a smaller size rug. But be sure to avoid going too tiny as you will create a chopped up looking space and the room will instantly appear smaller.

2. Arrange your furnishings in a living area first and then use an area rug to anchor the room. In other words, make sure the long side of the rug follows the length of a couch or love seat. Should all furniture legs be on the rug or some on or some off? It’s okay to have the front legs of a couch on a rug and the back ones off and the same with chairs.

3. Situate rugs under groupings of furniture to coordinate and bring a room into its own and add some contrast. A tiny rug floating in the middle of a fully furnished living space is not wise, especially when staging a home for sale. A runner in a long hallway is acceptable though.

4. Match your rug to the style and finish of a room. It would not be ideal to see a contemporary print rug in a living area that has traditional style furnishings and heavy crown moldings.

5. Warm up spaces in a home that may have tile, slate, light wood or even dark colored wood flooring. When staging or decorating a room it is important to add some contrast and just enough pop to grab a buyer’s attention. Light color rugs look the best on darker floors and will make a room feel more spacious. Don’t be afraid to use rugs with texture like sisal, needlepoint or a plush, fur style rug.

6. Avoid using thick rugs in high traffic areas as it screams falls and spills. It is not wise and there may be a better room in the home to place it. We suggest using indoor/outdoor rugs for those areas that do get a lot of foot traffic as they are easy to clean!

7. Visually divide a large living space by using rugs to identify what each space is especially when staging a home. Buyers need to get a vision of how to layout such an open space. Typically condos and town–homes have a living and dining room combination floor plan. Be sure to designate the living area with a rug and maybe going without a rug in the dining area is suggested. If you don’t use any rugs then the room will look like one big maze of furniture.

Most area rugs are used to group furniture arrangements. For instance, in a living room the area rug would most likely be placed in front of the sofa and under the coffee table. The chairs and tables would be grouped around it. You may be able to create an interesting effect by placing it under your furniture at an angle.

The key to remember is that area rugs are a decorative piece that defines a room and adds instant warmth. The most popular rug size is 5′ x 8′ but the larger the better is our suggestion. An 8′ x 10′ rug is perfect for large rooms and will look much richer with furnishings on it. 

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