Curb Appeal Suggestions

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Things to Do

1.  Get out the power washer

Your home has taken a beating over the winter. The front porch likely has a layer of dirt and salt scum, and the windows could probably use a good washing. Rent or borrow a power washer and give the exterior of your home a good cleaning. Go over the windows with cleaner and follow this spring-cleaning checklist to make sure everything is spotless.

2.  Plant in Containers

It might still be too cold in your part of the country to put annuals in the bed, but you can add life and color to your yard with container gardening. Buy some colorful pots and fill them with vibrant flowers. You can place pots on your front porch, going down your front steps or even in your flower beds.

3. Clean Out the Gutters
If you have leaves and sticks hanging out of your gutters from winter storms, drag out the ladder and clean them out. Your home must look trim and tidy, and dirty gutters are an eyesore to potential buyers.

4. Add Mulch
Mulch always looks a bit sad after winter; it gets spread around and blown about. Adding a thick new layer of mulch can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

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