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That’s also why the interest rate you can obtain on a home loan is one of the best around. Consider that America’s largest and strongest corporations borrow at what is called the “prime rate,” and that today you can borrow a home loan – fixed at the same rate for many years – at substantially less than the prime rate. Lenders have found that home loans tend to be excellent investments, and you benefit every month when you make your loan payment.

What if I don’t have enough for the down payment?

Today’s home buyers have more loan options. A home buyer may have excellent credit and the ability to make the monthly mortgage payment, but not have the cash for the down payment. For this situation a nontraditional loan program such as an 80-10-10 may be the best loan. Home buyers should not despair and assume that a home is out of reach. There are many loan options available for many different financial situations.



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